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Vin des Glaciers

Grimentz - Its flavour is strong and persistent, and its unusual origins make it an exceptional wine. The “Vin du Glacier”, a legendary wine with its root in ancestral tradition, is an integral part of the Anniviers heritage.

The principle of the Vin du Glacier is simple: the barrels are never emptied. Every year new wine is added to the old. For example :

- The wine in a barrel from 1888 will be blended with one from 1886
- Wine from 1934 will top up the 1888 barrel
- Wine from 1969 will be used to top up the 1934 barrel and will in turn receive new wine in later years

The “Vin du Glacier” cannot be bought. It is only savoured in the cellars of the Anniviers, drawn directly from the barrel.

The cellar of the Grimentz Maison Bourgeoisiale (public hall) houses among others the famous Bishop’s Barrel. The wine in this larch-wood barrel dates from 1886. Once destined for the Bishop, it is now also served to VIP guests on special occasions.

Practical information

  • Option of tasting some Vin des Glaciers during visits to the Bourgeoisie organised by the Tourist Office

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Office du Tourisme de Grimentz
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