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Gillou - The “Centre of Valais”

Calling all topographers – the Centre of Valais has been located! This famous triangulation point is in the Mayens de Gillou, near St-Luc. A carved post has been installed to mark this amazing discovery.

Since 2009, following extensive research by the geologist André Morard, Valais has a new statistic: its geometric centre is located in the St-Luc region. This is the centre of gravity of the canton of Valais, calculated on the basis of its borders. This famous triangulation point has been located in the Mayens de Gillou pasture, at the heart of a forest belonging to the Bourgeoisie, the local community. The precise coordinates of the location are as follows :

E 612.812
N 117.582

On the ground, a carved larch post has been installed close to the lane that takes walkers up to the Hôtel Weisshorn to indicate the precise location. The inscription “Centre of Valais”, together with the geographical coordinates, is carved into the wood, and the Valais flag flies above it.

The triangulation point can be found in the Mayens de Gillou (at an altitude of 1870 m), two kilometres from the village of St-Luc. It can be reached on foot from :

- St-Luc (Gîte du Prilett’), 30 min
- The Hôtel Weisshorn, 45 min
- Mission, 1 hour 35 min
- Cuimey, 1 hour 40 min
- Ayer, 1 hour 50 min
- Vissoie, 1 hour 50 min

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Gillou - The “Centre of Valais”
3961 St-Luc


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