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The Geranium Trail

Grimentz - All you have to do is rub the leaves gently to release the smell of the scented geraniums. The "Geranium Trail" is an opportunity to find out about the 34 species of geranium spread out over six locations in the Old Village of Grimentz.

Grimentz is often associated with geraniums, the symbol of the village, that adorn the balconies of its chalets. This plant is prized for its mosquito-repellent properties and for the diversity of its types and colours. Among the numerous species listed, some give off special scents, such as :

- Rose
- Orange
- Mint
- Lemon
- Ginger

The "Geranium Trail" does full justice to the scented geraniums of Grimentz; 34 different species are presented along this unusual educational trail. The idea is to rub the leaves gently between your fingertips and try to identify the scentThe leaflet available from the Tourist Office includes a game, in which you have to guess the scent of certain varieties of geranium. This little brochure also provides information on the properties of these plants and the various ways they can be used in the kitchen

Practical information

  • Starting point: Outside the Tourist Office
  • Finishing point: At the mill
  • Season : June to October
  • Please note : 34 species of geraniums spread over six locations
  • Leaflet available from the Tourist Office


The Geranium Trail
Anniviers Tourisme - Bureau de Grimentz
3961 Grimentz


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