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Fromagerie d'Anniviers / Vissoie

Raclette AOP - Tommes - Fondue

Welcome to the Fromagerie d'Anniviers

The Fromagerie d'Anniviers cheese dairy makes alpine cheeses, such as Raclette du Valais AOP (with protected designation of origin), using milk from farms in the Val d'Anniviers in the Valais canton of Switzerland.

At the Fromagerie d’Anniviers, you can buy products made in the traditional way. We use only milk from the Val d’Anniviers, where the altitude, the purity of the air, the scent of the hay and the grasses that grow in the mountains, the climate, and the famous local Hérens cattle give it a uniquely floral taste.

It is the farmers of the Val d'Anniviers who maintain its environment and unique traditions, here in the heart of the Alps. Come and taste the Anniviers AOP cheeses, tommes, fondue cheeses (natural or herb-flavoured), and sérac.


  • Type of service: Food



  • Raclette AOP Valais
  • Tomme d'Anniviers
  • Fondue cheese (natural or with herbs)
  • Sérac

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Fromagerie d'Anniviers / Vissoie
Route des Sampelets 6
3961 Vissoie

Opening times

Whole year
Tuesday and Thursday :17:30-18:30
Saturday :10:00-12:00
Closed on holidays
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