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From the Navizence to the Lac Noir (Black Lake), via the Moiry dam, there is a wide choice of fishing locations. This is your chance to discover (or rediscover) a fun activity with surprisingly relaxing virtues.

Fishing is allowed in the following rivers and lakes:

  • La Navizence (from 1st Sunday in March to 1st Sunday in October)
  • The Gougra
  • The Torrent des Moulins (from St-Luc to Vissoie)
  • The Moiry dam
  • The Illsee dam
  • Lac Noir (see conditions below)
  • Espace Bozon fishing lake in Chalais (see conditions below)


Please note : Tuesday and Friday are "no fishing days" for all rivers


Fishing is not allowed in the following rivers and lakes:

  • From the mouth of the Pinsec stream to the Vissoie reservoir, including the Pinsec stream (reserve)
  • The Lac du Louché (Vallon de Réchy)
  • The Lac Armina
  • The Lac de Lona


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