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For families

Are you looking for a crèche for your children, or do you need babysitting services? Do you want to hire a book, a game, a film? We will do all we can to ensure the success of your family holiday

A trip to a high mountain pasture in Plan Losier / Chandolin
From Mid-Juli to Mid-August
Adventure Forest
Animal trail
Grimentz - Fun, educational and accessible for all, the Animal Trail is a walk that is ideal for...
Bendolla Bouge !
Sauts et figures dans le Big Air Bag, parcours accrobranche, château gonflable, jeux...
Big Air Bag
Cottier Alpine pasture - Sarah's medicinal garden / Zinal
From July to mid-September
Detective trail
Zinal - the Detective Trail offers you clues to be solved, a hidden treasure to be found, and a...
Discovery of the fauna and breakfast at the Hotel Weisshorn / St-Luc
From early-July to mid-September
Family movie / Chandolin
13.07 / 27.07
10.08 / 24.08
12.10 / 26.10

Family movie / Zinal
03.08 / 17.08
05.10 / 19.10
Foxtrail "Dahu"
Closed until next spring
Zinal - Decipher the codes and...
Guided tours inside the Moiry's dam / Grimentz
From 30 June to Mid-Octobre
Guided visit of the copper mine / Zinal
From early July to the end of Octobre
Guided visit of the mills of the XVIIIth century / St-Luc
From end-June to mid-August
Introduction to climbing / Grimentz
From early July to the end of August
Introduction to forging / Zinal
From mid-July to the end of August
A wide selection of books is available in our libraries
List of babysitters
Are you looking for a babysitter to take care of your little ones for a day or an evening during...
Making rye bread / Grimentz
From early July to the end of October
Making rye bread / St-Luc
From early June to the end of Octobre
Are you looking for an entertaining pastime that doesn’t need too much physical effort? Minigolf...
Multi-purpose sports places
The multi-purpose sports facilities at Grimentz, St-Luc and Vissoie enable several different...
Open-air pool
Swimming pool and refreshment bar open during the summer season
Parc de jeux / Zinal
Parc de jeux et de châteaux gonflables
cet été à Zinal !
Planets trails
Saint-Luc - The Planets Trail involves a walk through the solar system reproduced on a human...
Play areas
Your children can use the play areas in the Anniviers valley to run around and have lots of fun.
Grimentz: The Pump Track, with its humps and banked turns, is a great place to practise stunts and...
Sentier Chénégouga
The Chénégouga educational trail focuses on the 5 senses, and takes walkers into the world of...
Grimentz, St-Luc and Vercorin each have tennis courts. Make the most of these to engage in a match...
The Adventures of Besso
New: the alternate reality game "Besso Adventures" immerses you in the myths and legends of...
The Marmot Trail
Vercorin - The Marmot educational trail starts at the Crêt-du-Midi, then follows various tracks...
Wild Apéro / Anniviers
23 and 30 July / 13 and 20 August
Wildlife discovery with a hunter / Grimentz
July and August
Wildlife-watching hides
Anniviers - The wildlife-watching hides give a glimpse of the animal world: by becoming a discreet...
Zinal indoor swimming pool
Swimming pool and spa accessible summer and winter
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