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European Heritage Days / Anniviers

Theme of the 2021 edition :
Construction and Crafts

Construction and Crafts

How is a monument made? The answer is sometimes obvious, sometimes difficult.
Why does a bridge bear its load, why doesn't a tower collapse and why doesn't the ceiling fall on our heads?
Behind every building and every work of art, there are human beings, craftsmen, engineers and artists who have shaped them with their inspiration and technical know-how.
The conservation, enhancement and restoration of cultural treasures also require specialized skills. Today's state-of-the-art techniques allow for new approaches.
Monuments of recent times have specific requirements regarding the method of conservation.
The Heritage Days will provide an opportunity to take a look behind the scenes to discover directly, with specialists, techniques and construction methods. Visitors will also be able to try their hand at manual work.


1. Anniviers - The Pontis
Epic of the construction of the roads of Anniviers. Obstacles and solutions

The construction of the roads in Anniviers lasted from 1860 to 1960. Confronted with numerous difficulties, the Anniviards found solutions to make the valley accessible. From the Notre-Dame-des-Pontis oratory, the visitor discovers the historical stages of the construction of the road of Anniviers.

Meeting point in front of the Notre-Dame-des-Pontis oratory on Saturday September 11th at 10 am
Guided tour and projection in the old Pontis tunnel by Jean-Marc Caloz

2. Anniviers - Fang
The dry stone walls of Tiébagette yesterday and today

The visit of this site allows to understand
how the medieval hamlet of Fang was built, which has been the subject of major archaeological excavations since 2000. The workshop of reconstruction of a small dry stone wall in Fang d'En-Haut gives the basic keys of a thousand-year-old technique and the necessary tricks for the maintenance of this type of wall.

Meeting point at the parking lot of Fang d'En-Bas on Sunday, September 12 at 2 pm
Guided tour of the site by archaeologists from ARAVA (Association for Archaeological Research in the Val d'Anniviers)
Activity of reconstruction of a dry stone wall animated by Gaby Faust, guide of Fang and by Martin Lutz, specialist in dry stone walls.

3. Anniviers - Grimentz
At the Grimentz grain mill. An ancestral know-how is perpetuated by the appointed millers.

The visit to the mill takes us to the heart of life in the past. Its ingenious design with two millstones and its operating mechanisms make it a rare example of a mill driven by horizontal blades with direct hydraulic power. Damaged by bad weather in 1999, it has been restored to its original 17th century form.

Meeting point in front of the mill in the old village of Grimentz on Saturday September 11th at 2pm
Guided tour by Jean-Louis Massy and Pierre Antonier, millers of the Grimentz mill

4. Anniviers - Chandolin
The art of stained glass by Edmond Bille

Edmond Bille, a prolific artist, created about 150 stained glass windows between 1920 and 1950. During the visit, Bernard Wyder, author of three books dedicated to Edmond Bille, reveals the genesis of his artistic work. Christine Crittin-Rion, master glass artist, creator of two stained glass windows in the church of Grimentz, explains the techniques of realization.

Meeting at the parish church of Sainte-Barbe de Chandolin on Sunday, September 12 at 10:30 am
Guided tour by Bernard Wyder, art historian, and Christine Crittin-Rion, master glassmaker, Grimentz stained glass workshop.

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  • from 11.09.2021 to 12.09.2021

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European Heritage Days / Anniviers
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