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European Heritage Days / Anniviers

Theme of the 2022 edition :
Free Time

Free Time

This 29th edition will focus on places of art, leisure and sport.

In Switzerland, people spend many leisure hours in places full of history. Roman amphitheater, national museum, opera house, mountain hotel, lake baths: these buildings are sometimes impressive, even provocative in their size and design, sometimes more modest or simply functional. Places of leisure are as important as roads or houses. They have, to use the jargon of our pandemic age, a "systemic importance". We listen, we wonder, we play. We meet people, we act out stories, we compete in challenges. The places of leisure are there to allow us to relax, to bloom, to develop our talents. We swim, we dance, we laugh at any time of the day or night.


Valais program of the European Heritage Days

Anniviers - Saint-Luc
From the leisure activities reserved for the elite in the past to the pleasures for all today

Visit and historical explanation by Simone Salamin, guide of Saint-Luc, Commission Patrimoine et Tourisme Anniviers

Since the middle of the 19th century, guests at Saint-Luc have enjoyed unique moments of immersion in nature, such as the sunrise over the Bella-Tola, described as "much more beautiful than that of the Righi". Today, as in the past, these mythical places of stay maintain their vocation and offer precious moments of leisure. Saint-Luc invites you to a day out of time, from the small lounge of the Hotel Weisshorn (2337m) to its Alpine garden, from the ancient dining room and ballroom of the Hotel du Cervin (1650m) to its modern baths, from the library of the Hotel Bella-Tola (1650m) to its gentle terrace.

Meeting point at the Tourist Office in Saint-Luc.

Anniviers - Ayer
Journey backwards in the free time of the Anniviards  
Evening with Bernard Crettaz, ethno-sociologist from Anniviers and author of several books on the Val d'Anniviers

What were the leisure activities of the inhabitants of the Val d'Anniviers in the past? What did it mean to have free time in a life punctuated by work? Until the 1950's and 60's, people spent evenings together around the pierre-ollaire. During the evenings, the women spun, the men repaired tools, one of them played the harmonica or told stories. True stories, populated with ghosts and dancers, but also with pranks that the Anniviards liked to play as an art or a sport, like the follatons, these prankster goblins who are very present in the legends of the past. During an evening in the old hall of the Maison bourgeoisiale of Ayer, a whole world comes back to life today thanks to the evocative memory of Bernard Crettaz.

Meeting point at the Maison bourgeoisiale of Ayer.

Anniviers - Zinal
Birth of summer tourism and evolution of the technical means of leisure in the mountains

Visit and historical explanation by Régis Theytaz, guide of Zinal, and the technician of the Zinal ski lifts for the operation of the cable car.

In the second half of the 19th century, the arrival of hotels and their guests transformed Zinal. From the first small inn for mountaineers to the Grand Hotels Durand and Diablons with all the conveniences of the city, a whole way of life changed. From being a small village in the mountains that is visited periodically, Zinal has become a summer and winter resort. Entering the Hotel des Diablons, which has hosted the Club Méditerranée since 1966, means being at the heart of one of Zinal's historical symbols. From the first ski lift in 1960 to the last gondola lift in 2020, the evolution of ski lifts is synonymous with the transformation of society and the development of leisure activities available to the greatest number of people.

Meeting point at the Zinal Tourist Office.


  • 10.09.2022
    St-Luc | 9:30 et 13:30
  • 10.09.2022
    Ayer | 18:00
  • 11.09.2022
    Zinal | 9:30

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European Heritage Days / Anniviers
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