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Dried meats

Dried meats, prosciutto and bacon are the main salted products; the meats are flavoured with wild herbs and other seasonings – the combinations are a closely guarded secret.

Dried meats originated from our ancestors’ need to lay down long-lasting stocks of food; they hung the meat and allowed it to dry naturally. This tradition, which dates back to the 14th century, is continued to this day and gives the meat its incomparable flavour.

While in Anniviers, try an authentic Valais platter, served by many of our partners.

You can also obtain any of these products direct from the producer at Salaisons d’Anniviers. Their dried meats, prosciutto and bacon are IGP (PGI, protected geographical indication) certified and satisfy the criteria of the association of Valais dried meat producers.

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Dried meats
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