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Circuit des 3 bisses

The "Circuit des 3 Bisses" (Bisse de Briey, Bisse des Sarrasins, Bisse de Ricard) allows you to discover the fabulous witnesses of the past that are the Bisses du Valais. Supervised by a professional guide, you will share moments of pleasure and adventure!

No Limits Experience is the exclusive provider for the Circuit des 3 bisses.

The "Circuit des 3 bisses" is defined as an adventure that combines history and sensations.
The various routes connect Vercorin to Chalais by taking the following bisses:
- Le Bisse de Briey
- Le Bisse de Ricard
- Le Bisse des Sarrasins
The upstream part of Le Bisse des Sarrasins (Vercorin - Pinsec) is open to the public and can be walked freely. The second section is an integral part of the "Circuit des 3 bisses" and has been entirely developed by the guide Stéphane Albasini and supervised today by No Limits Experience.
A portal marks the boundary: from there, you can only venture there with a professional guide.
The excursion is characterized by its few aerial passages and natural obstacles. Its crossing of the Niouc bridge, its zip line section (optional) and its abseiling descent (180m) make the "Circuit des 3 bisses" an extraordinary hike.


  • Circuit of the 3 Bisses (Bisse des Sarrasins, Bisse de Briey, Bisse de Ricard) 1 day, from 4 people, CHF 180.-/person.

Practical information

  • Required reservations: No Limits Experience
  • Minimum age: 8 years old
  • The equipment (helmet, harness and safety lanyards) is provided by the No Limits Experience
  • Possibility to do the walk over 2 days (with one night at the Gîte des Voualans, with half board)
  • +41(0)27 395 45 55

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Circuit des 3 bisses
3960 Niouc

Opening times

Opening period
From April to November (depending on the weather conditions)
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