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Boconett / Grimentz

Distribution of bread and cheese to children, in accordance with an age-old tradition.

The tradition of the Boconett
In 1348, the village of Grimentz was struck by the plague, a very contagious disease. People who caught it died one after another.

At that time, three young girls left with their cattle for the area above St-Jean. As it was their turn to look after the village's billy-goat, they took it with them and put it in the stable situated below their bedroom. The billy-goat's strong smell filled the room and killed the plague germ, without the young girls realising this.

On returning to the village, they found that everyone had died; they became the heirs of the municipality, and also of the Torrent alpine pasture. To give thanks to God for having spared them, they made the following promise:

"Each year, a portion of the cheese from the Torrent alpine pasture will be taken for distribution to the children of the village, from their birth until their First Communion."

15:00 | Distribution of bread and cheese to the children in front of the tourist office


  • 17.01.2020

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Boconett / Grimentz
Office du Tourisme de Grimentz
3961 Grimentz

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