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Bisse des Sarrasins

Constructed almost 500 years ago, the Bisse des Sarrasins used to irrigate the pastures. Having been recently restored, it is now accessible on foot, offering a walk of real historical, technical and touristic interest.

It is said that the Saracens built this irrigation channel, which now bears their name. The Arabs were clearly skilled in this kind of work, but the theory that they were connected in any way with this area has never been confirmed. The construction date is estimated at somewhere between 1415 and 1513. The channel originally started at Le Moulinet (upstream from Pinsec). 10 km in length, it was built to :

- Irrigate the pastures
- Provide drinking water for the livestock,
- Power the sawmills and watermills

Restored in the early 2000s, the trail following the Bisse des Sarrasins is now accessible to walkers. It links Pinsec with Vercorin and can also be joined at the village of Fang.


  • The bisse has a number of interesting features, including :
    - Traces of the bisse in the rocks of the Creux de Varnec hollow
    - The view over Fang
    - The ancient, renovated mountain hut at Les Voualans
    - The Vallon de Crouja

Practical information

  • Season: Feasible from May to November
  • Duration: Around 3 hours
  • Please note:
    - 17 information boards at intervals along the route
    - Only to be undertaken in dry weather
  • N.B.: Some challenging sections when crossing the rock face across from Fang
  • Transport: 2 shuttles a day between Vissoie and Vercorin in July and August

Itinéraire Suisse Mobile

  • Chemin des Bisses
  • Etape 6 : Vercorin-Grimentz (par le Bisse des Sarrasins)



Office du Tourisme de Grimentz
Bisse des Sarrasins
3961 Grimentz

Opening times

Feasible from May to November


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