Raccard - Pinsec

Raccards, mayens and greniers

In Val d'Anniviers, raccards, mayens and greniers embody the richness of our heritage, preserving the soul of our mountains for generations.

Raccards are small wooden buildings perched on stilts. In the past, they were used to store agricultural crops, mainly hay, protecting them from rodents and moisture. These charming buildings rise over the meadows and blend in harmoniously with the surrounding landscape. Their steeply pitched roofs offer protection from the elements and the heavy snowfall in winter.
Mayens are traditional Alpine chalets used as temporary residences by farmers during the summer season. These buildings, often constructed using stone and wood, reflect the simplicity and functionality of Alpine architecture. They can be found at higher altitudes, where there is more grass for livestock. These constructions are true symbols of the rural life of yesteryear, bearing witness to the hard work put in by the Valais farmers to provide for their needs.
Last but not least, greniers complete this architectural triptych so characteristic of the Val d’Anniviers. They are essential storage spaces for farming families. Perched on wooden piles, these lofts protect provisions from pests while encouraging the circulation of air. The greniers were used to store food, tools and other valuables for the farm.

In conclusion, raccards, mayens and greniers are much more than buildings made of wood and stone. They are guardians of the past, bearing witness to the way life used to be in our mountains. They are also a powerful reminder of the importance of preserving our cultural traditions and our environment, so that future generations can continue to enjoy the beauty and history of our beautiful region.