Vissoie - Drône

Our other treasures

The Val d’Anniviers is a valley home to a collection of villages. Between charm, authenticity and nature: each of them will captivate you with its specific features and unique character.


Vissoie has always played a key role in the Val d’Anniviers thanks to its geographical location. The village is characterised by its oldest areas, located around the tower and above the road.



Ayer is a village with a unique history, as revealed by its narrow streets and rich built heritage. Nestled on a hillside, it is characterised by its timber buildings clustered around the church.


Made up of three neighbourhoods, Saint-Jean offers stunning views of the Zinalrothorn and the valley. The village reveals itself in a series of narrow streets lined with buildings steeped in the history and the life of its residents.



The gateway to the Val d’Anniviers, Niouc is perched at an altitude of 902 metres. The village has always benefited from its privileged location and offers unobstructed views of the Rhône plain.



Characterised by its position on a ridge, Pinsec is the only village in the valley to have survived the 20th century without any major changes. Now symbolic of a forgotten heritage, this village has managed to retain its old-world charm.



Fang is a little village with a big personality. Now a peaceful village, it was at the crossroads of the many routes linking the plain to the Val d’Anniviers for centuries.



Set along the old road, Mission is a peaceful village with a fine concentration of houses with larch shingle roofs. The village has managed to retain its original character.



The village of Mayoux enjoys a beautiful position on an intermediate terrace on the southwest side of the valley. Located at a crossroads, Mayoux is centred around its chapel and extends in both directions along the old road.



Located at the entrance of the Zinal valley, Mottec was once a natural stopping place for people of Anniviers heading to Zinal. This little hamlet has preserved traces of the different stages of its evolution.


La Combaz, Cuimey et les Morands

These three hamlets enjoy a highly appreciated position at the centre of the valley. Whilst the first two have always been inhabited, the third recently developed where there were only fields and meadows in the past.