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Sierre-Anniviers Marketing

Sierre-Anniviers Marketing (or SAM to its friends) is the marketing agency for the Sierre, Anniviers and Vercorin Tourist Information offices as well as the Remontées Mécaniques d’Anniviers (RMA). Discover the world of this office responsible for promoting our valley.

SAM’s mission

Sierre-Anniviers Marketing’s role is to promote the valley’s tourist attractions in accordance with the municipality of Anniviers’ tourism policy. The primary objective is to contribute actively to increasing the number of visits and overnight stays in direct cooperation with Anniviers Tourisme SA and Remontées Mécaniques d’Anniviers.

The Board

As per the association’s statues, a number of entities are members of the SAM board: the tourism associations of Anniviers, Vercorin and Sierre, Salgesch & Vicinities, Remontées Mécaniques d’Anniviers and the municipalities of Anniviers, Chalais and Sierre. Each entity has a representative on the marketing agency’s board.
The board comprises the following members:

The team

In 2019, SAM evolved to meet the needs of the Tourist Information offices, RMA and the partners in the region as optimally as possible. The agency now has skills focused on the creation of photo/video/audio content and mastering of the Val d’Anniviers’ digital ecosystem. The duties assigned to SAM also include the promotion and marketing strategy as well as press relations work.
The team comprises the following individuals:



The offices are located in the Foyer building opposite the Technopôle in Sierre. If you have an idea you’d like to share or would like to know more about the upcoming marketing campaigns, the team will be happy to help you. You can also send an e-mail to or call us on +41 27 4517110.

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