Domaine skiable de Grimentz-Zinal - cabine Zinal

Tarif regulations

Confirmation of the reservation

Confirmation of the reservation will be sent to you by e-mail on completion of your order, after the credit card payment procedure. This confirmation, containing the order number, must be saved until your arrival at the ticket collection desk chosen. It must be presented to the server in order to receive the reserved item. 

If you have downloaded your ski passes directly onto your smart card, the confirmation email, printed on to a piece of paper, serves as proof in case of a spot check on our pistes. Your reservation is only registered when you receive the email confirmation, proof of payment.

Collection of the reserved item

Collection of the reserved item On reservation you chose the place where you would like to collect your reservation. Please check on your confirmation which office, ticket desk or partner you have chosen and ensure you go to the same place. 

If you have only recharged your pass, you do not need to pass by a ticket desk.

General conditions linked to the ski pass

Transport tickets are personal and non-transferable. Once the pass is in your possession, the holder is responsible for safeguarding it from abusive use by any third party, including members of his family and friends. In case of misuse of a pass by a third party, the pass will be cancelled without replacement and a fine will be imposed.

Validity of the tickets – KeyCard

All tickets, day passes and longer-stay passes are personal, non-transferable and only valid during the official operating hours. In order to detect fraudsters, a photo is automatically taken of every key-card user each time they pass through a ticket scanner. The passes are issued on a reusable hands-free smart card, sold to the user (purchase price CHF 3). Discounts are not cumulative.

Age categories

Senior AdultYouthChildFree
Year of birthSenior 1960 and laterAdult1961-1999Youth2000-2008Child2009-2018Free2019- 2025

The year of birth is the determining factor. Proof of age required.

Family discount

Valid only for annual and day ski passes
Each child or youth accompanied by an adult is entitled to a discount of 15% on the price of their ski pass. Proof of age required.

Groupe discount

Organised groups making a single payment are entitled to the following reductions:

This discount cannot be combined with the family discount.
Only groups who stay multiple days in a group accommodation house or a hotel will receive a group discount.

Local pass

Holders of annual ski passes valid only in Saint-Luc/Chandolin and Vercorin pay a daily supplement of CHF 30 (adult), CHF 27 (senior), CHF 26 (youth), CHF 18 (child) to ski in the Grimentz-Zinal ski area. For the other passes, the normal prices apply.

Modification or cancellation of a reservation

In the event of a breakdown or shutdown of the installations for cases of major forces, injunctions or voluntary authority or limitations due to special circumstances (inclement weather, technical problems, partial or total electricity shortage, avalanche hazard, closure of part of the ski area, pandemic, epidemic, etc.), daily passes and subscriptions are not refunded nor prolonged.

Accident and / or illness

In case of accident or illness, the ski pass is partially refunded, only on presentation of a medical certificate, from the date of return of the ski pass to one of the lift company ticket desks, if stopping definitively.


Regular and random checks are carried out on the pistes and at the installations. In case of fraud and/or offences, passes will be cancelled and a penalty of a minimum of CHF 200 up to a maximum of five times the cost of the day pass will be collected. We reserve the right to take legal action.