Velogemel à Bendolla

Velogemel in Bendolla


Velogemel down the Bendolla toboggan run: a combination of cycling, tobogganing and skiing in Grimentz-Zinal. A memorable winter experience, combining tradition and adventure!


Immerse yourself in the captivating history of this unique means of transport, which saw the light of day a century ago in the snowy mountains of Grindelwald, Switzerland. Based on the local word, "Gemel", which means sledge, this unique machine was christened "the bicycle sled: Velogemel".

A real sledge bike, the velogemel has a wooden frame with two runners, controlled by handlebars at the front, which allow you to sit upright and push forward with your legs, like a draisienne.

With its 5km and 540m difference in altitude, this is a great way to discover the thrill of gliding!

Suitable for everyone, the velogemel lets you glide along while enjoying the view and panorama.

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Velogemel Rental1 descent without Gondola pass (adult & child) : CHF 12.- 1 descent with Gondola pass - adult : CHF 25.- 1 descent with Gondola pass - child : CHF 20.-
Useful information

Suitable for children aged 11 and over, minimum height 140cm
Helmets must be worn (can be hired from a sports shop)
An identity document will be requested at the start as a deposit
Velogemel hire at the Grimentz ski lift main ticket office
The toboggan run is open depending on snow conditions.

Location View mapGrimentz
Remontées Mécaniques de Grimentz-Zinal SA
Domaine skiable - secteur Bendolla
3961 Grimentz
Contact +41274762000

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