Grotte du Glacier de Zinal 2019

Discovering the Ice Caves in the Zinal Glacier


Keep a day free and strap on your snowshoes for an amazing hike into the Zinal Glacier !

Lying 2½ hours’ walk from Zinal, the Zinal glacier originates from the meeting-point of 3 glaciers:
- The Grand Cornier glacier
- The Durand glacier
- The Mountet glacier

The glacier has several natural cavities hollowed out by the streams that flow beneath. Access is not possible in summer, but in winter snow-shoes hikes are organised on a regular basis to the glacier.
This hike involves 5 hours’ walking and 500 m height difference, about 11 km.

Only with good weather conditions.
Car Park : Cross Zinal and reach the Plats de la Lée car park (paid parking) at the end of the main road.
Public transport: Get off at the "Plats de La Lée" bus stop.

Useful information

This natural gem is located in an unsecured place that can be dangerous. Consequently, Anniviers Tourisme advises against unsupervised outings. Our official mountain guides and hiking guides are available to lead you in this adventure in safe conditions (dates below).

Location Zinal
Glacier de Zinal
CH-3961 Zinal
Information about the activity +41 27 476 17 05
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