Schuss Bar 2700 m (Espace Weisshorn)

Schuss Bar (Espace Weisshorn) 2700 m


Stop off at the high-altitude Schuss Bar snack bar on the slopes of Grimentz-Zinal (Zinal sector) in the Swiss Alps and enjoy an incredible view of the 4,000m high Imperial Crown peaks.

Do you want to stop off for a quick bite to eat at high altitude?
Come and discover the new Schuss Bar in Espace Weisshorn in the Zinal sector. Designed to be a snack bar with direct access to the slopes of Grimentz-Zinal, Bar à pente offers a small range of local and seasonal menu items at high altitude to tide you over when you’re hungry. It also offers a selection of drinks and snacks to take away (hot sandwiches, cold sandwiches and sweet treats). This friendly snack bar is a great place to take a break and enjoy a meal or hot chocolate.

Schuss Bar is located at level 0 in Espace Weisshorn, built above the gondola lift line arrival station.

The tableware we use here is entirely biodegradable and made from recycled materials:
- The cups are made from PLA: polylactic acid. This polymer is biodegradable in industrial composting. A biosourced homopolymer, PLA can be obtained from corn starch, making it the first natural alternative to polyethylene.
- Our cutlery is made from recycled wood, and all our packaging is compostable and made from renewable raw materials such as bamboo, bagasse and sugar cane.
Living in the heart of an environment that must be preserved, we pay particular attention to our waste and its recycling.

Summer season 2024
The Schuss Bar will be closed during the summer season. It will open exceptionally for private events organised in the Espace Weisshorn restaurant, offering a gastronomic experience at the summit of the domain.

Useful information

Menu will be made available online soon

Accessible from Zinal via the Zinal-Espace Weisshorn gondola lift and from Grimentz via the Grimentz-Espace Weisshorn gondola lift line.

Sit in or takeaway
We do not take bookings.

Winter season 2024/2025
Open 7/7 days from 20 December 2024 to 21 April 2025

Location View mapZinal
Remontées Mécaniques de Grimentz-Zinal - Espace Weisshorn
Domaine skiable - Secteur Sorebois
3961 Zinal
Contact +41 27 476 20 66
Information about the activity +41 27 476 20 00
  • On-site catering
  • Suitable for families
  • Opening conditions : attribute.openingconditions.attribute.openingconditions.snowneeded
  • Self-service
  • Seasonality : Winter
  • Magic Pass

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