Ayer en été

Guided visit of the village of Ayer


Discover a village guided by an inhabitant.
Would you like to know more about the unique history of Ayer?

Guided visit by Sylvie Peter

Ayer was an important village, the seat of the municipality whose territory stretched from Zinal to Les Morands, near Vissoie. This village gave the first impetus to the development of Zinal as a winter resort. Until the 1950-1955 years, the inhabitants of Anniviers used to move up and down in the valley and to Sierre according to the seasons. Why were they staying in Zinal only for one month in winter ?

Visit the village and discover its farmhouse with traditional furnishment, the Maison des Nourritures housing the old butcher’s and dairy, the mill and the former cobbler’s.

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Visite guidée du village d'Ayer
Village d'Ayer
CH-3961 Ayer
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