Cordonnerie Daniel

Cordonnerie Daniel


This small museum, which today houses the tools and equipment that belonged to Daniel Melly (1919 - 2002), was created in 2008.

In the past, when money was scarce and the population walked constantly between the plains and the mountains, shoes wore out to the end. Itinerant shoemakers offered their services from village to village. Then, some inhabitants learned the trade and exercised it as a secondary activity. Daniel Melly (1919 - 2002) tried to make it his profession in 1936 (CFC in 1947).

All the different stages of the making of a shoe are presented here. The wooden lasts used to create the sizes, the sewing machines and various tools. Before the arrival of machines, all operations were performed by hand, from the sole to the laces. The shape of the sole was cut out of a piece of leather that was softened in water. Then it was hammered to give it the necessary rigidity. The soles of the mountain shoes were equipped with nails.


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Cordonnerie Daniel
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