Maison des nourritures paysannes - Zinal (redimensionnée)

Maison des nourritures paysannes


In the past, this building housed the butchery and the dairy. On the ground floor, the butcher's tools are on display, and on the first floor, those of the dairy.

The dairy was managed by a consortium composed of thirty-two rightful owners. From February to the end of May, cheese and butter were produced. When the owners went up to the mayens with their cows, they produced tommes on the spot. The alpine pastures, twelve in number in the territory of the former municipality of Ayer, were occupied from the end of June to the end of September by cows, sheep and a few pigs, with an average of 70-120 head per alpine pasture. From 1964 to 1967, the milk was brought by two pipes, called "pipelines", from the Nava mountain pasture to the village and from the Sorebois mountain pasture to Vernec (near Mottec).

The same building was used as a butcher shop in November and December. In the past, the village was self-sufficient and produced the basis of its food. Each family raised a pig which was fed with the remains of the family food. On the day of the slaughter of the pig, all the different operations were done by hand, outside. The meat was kept in the cellar and then in the attic.

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Maison des nourritures paysannes
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