Château de Beauregard

Château de Beauregard


Surrounded by void and precipices, it offers a vertiginous view of the Rhone valley and the entrance of Anniviers.

Analysis of the architecture suggests that it dates back to the 12th century. In all likelihood, the castle would have belonged to the de Rarogne family, Lords of Anniviers. It may have had the following functions:

- defending access to the Val d'Anniviers
- defending the road on the left bank of the Rhône
- act as an observation post for the plain
- relaying communication by means of fires
- refuge of last resort for the lordly families of the plain

The Savoyards laid siege to the castle in the 14th century, an incident that probably damaged the building. But it was the attack of the 15th century that proved fatal: following a revolt against the Grand Bailiff, the Patriots of the Upper Valais stormed the Beauregard Castle. It was completely destroyed by fire.

Educational trail
600 years after its destruction, there are still vestiges of this mythical castle, witness to an eventful medieval past. The "Château de Beauregard" Foundation was set up in 2008 to promote this historic monument, and has installed an educational trail along the path between Niouc and the castle.

The starting point for the educational trail is the small parking area after the hairpin bend at the entrance to Niouc.

You visit the site on your own responsibility. The area around the castle is steep and everyone should take every precaution to avoid danger.

Children and people prone to vertigo must be accompanied and equipped with a via ferrata set if necessary.

Ascent: 25 minutes

Guided tours on request

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Location Niouc
Château de Beauregard
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