Bisse des Sarrasins

Bisse des Sarrasins


Built almost 500 years ago, the Bisse des Sarrasins was used to irrigate the pastures.

According to oral tradition, this canal was built by the Saracens, known for their technical ability in irrigation canals. This hypothesis has never been historically confirmed.

It was built between 1415 and 1513. At that time, the canal took its waters from the Moulinet, beneath Pinsec.
With a length of 10 km, it was used to :

- Irrigate pastures
- Water the cattle
- Power sawmills and mills

Restored in the early 2000s, the Bisse des Sarrasins is now accessible to hikers and has a great historical, technical and tourist interest. It links Pinsec to Vercorin and can be reached from the village of Fang as well.

The trail is provided with 17 information panels and offers many interesting points such as the ancient portions of the canal in the Creux du Vernec, the view over Fang, the old mayen of Voulans and the Vallon de Crouja.

This mid-mountain trail is accessible from May to November (in dry weather) and lasts about 3 hours.
Be careful when crossing the rock wall facing the village of Fang.

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Bisse des Sarrasins
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