Promenades botaniques

Les Promenades Botaniques de Chandolin


These botanical trails offer 22 panels to improve your knowledge of flowers. Spread over several hiking trails located between 2000 and 2700m, they highlight the richness and diversity of the local biotope.

The SD of Chandolin can’t guarantee quality walks, because of their actual conditions.

The lower altitude trails (yellow and blue) have been renovated in 2021.
On the higher altitude trails (red and green), many of the directional signs and the numbered ones referring to the booklet have been badly damaged.
The SD wants to make you aware of the difficulties and risks you may encounter.

These trails are aimed to inform on the different types of local vegetation. 22 didactic panels introduce the local flora by offering 4 itineraries. The numbering of the panels is related to the natural environment.

The panels provide information about
- The different vegetation types
- The plants characteristics
- The main species
- The active ingredients and culinary value of some plants

The plants described on the panels can be seen in the fields, within a circle of 10m radius around each panel.

Located between 2000 and 2700m, the Botanical Trails of Chandolin are freely accessible.
An illustrated guide is available at the Chandolin Tourist Office (CHF 12.-). This detailed booklet, available in French and German, is very useful to learn more about the local flora.

Location Chandolin
Office du Tourisme de Chandolin
Route des Plampras 9
CH-3961 Chandolin
Contact +41 27 476 17 15

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