Espace Ella Maillart

Espace Ella Maillart


Ella Maillart explored the world and lived many years in Chandolin.

This museum with its permananent exhibition shows the different life's stages of this extraordinary woman.

Born in Geneva in 1903, Ella Maillart lived her life at a brisk pace. A sportswoman, explorer and adventurer, her talents also included photography, journalism and writing. From her numerous peregrinations through Asia, she drew inspiration to write her travel stories.

In 1948, she settled in Chandolin and had her chalet, “Atchala” built. She spent six months a year here until her death. Considered one of the great travellers of the 20th century, she died there in 1997, after a busy life.

The Ella Maillart museum retraces her life and works. This permanent exhibition, housed in the former chapel of Sainte-Barbe in Chandolin, illustrates Ella Maillart’s life through:

- photographs and drawings
- articles and posters
- various objects of interest
- a DVD installation

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Location View mapChandolin
Association Les Amis d'Ella Maillart
Chapelle Sainte-Barbe
CH-3961 Chandolin
Information about the activity +41 27 476 17 15


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