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Maison de Grand-Maman


A true witness to the past, this dwelling dating from 1529 will take you back in time to discover the daily life of a family of yesteryear.

Grandma’s House, furnished as the old traditional houses, is located right in the centre of the old village of Grimentz and can be admired at any time (through a glass door).

This house dates back to 1529 !
The Grimentz Village Heritage Association wished to preserve the past and to transmit to visitors and to future generations how the villagers lived in the 19th century, therefore they acquired an ancient dwelling, largely in its original state.

This former family house has five levels : four used for living accommodation and one as a cellar. According to earlier generations of villagers, the ground-floor is probably one of the oldest of Grimentz. This dwelling, built in 1529, according to the date recorded in the house, still has its original bedroom with its tiny windows. A small barn is annexed with a stable above it, one of the village's few remaining pigsties. The traditional kitchen has been restored, along with its fireplace, and outside there still is an old lavatory.

The neighbouring square, known as the "Place des Lavandières", has been restored by the municipality around the last public concrete water fountain. Created in 1919, it is identical to four others. This structure, with two tubs, represents the arrival of drinkable water in the village, via pipes.

Daily life of a family of yesteryear
To bring a new life to this historic building, it has been furnished as most of dwellings were around 1876, date of the soapstone stove. Guided by the memories, advices and accounts given by older generations and relatives, it has been possible to gather furniture, utensils, tools and other items, whether as gifts or on loan. Thanks to the generosity of the inhabitants, this dwelling takes visitors back into the spartan daily life of a family of yesteryear.

Location View mapGrimentz
Maison de Grand-Maman
Rue du Village
3961 Grimentz
Information about the activity +41 27 476 17 00
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